How YOU Can Profit From Swing Trades With A Proven Strategy Without Using Sophisticated Indicators, A "Black Box" System Or Spending Hours On Analysis - Even If You Have ZERO Trading Experience

Learn to be trade profitably with this swing trade strategy...... Even if you have ZERO experience!

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Are you afraid of losing money despite your best efforts to profit from trading in this brutal market?

The brutal truth is that 97% of the retail traders lose money. Maybe like these traders, you have traded countless of strategies learnt from books and websites, only to find yourself at the losing end most of the time.

Or you may be a new trader anxiously wanting to make your first trade, but what you know is causing you extreme confusion. Either way, clearly the odds are against you.

When you took your first trade, do you remember your palms sweating, or pulse accelerating and a thousand questions regarding the trade flashes through your mind?

Must have been a tough choice clicking "Buy" or "Sell" even though you must have read countless times that you should be void of emotions when trading.

What if I buy and it drops?

Am I going in with the right position size?

Should I wait for a better price before buying?

How do I know that this is a price pullback and not a correction?

Yeah, and the list goes on......

And the best part, you took the trade and it goes in your favor initially then misses your target, and reverses to trigger your stop-loss instead.

Frustrating, isn't it?

What is even more awful is that after you got dumped out of the position, and you watch it trickle towards your original target area. ARRGH!

You have no idea why, but it seems to be a spiraling vicious cycle that you have no idea how to get out of it. Seems like a bad memory put on repeat mode forever!

It's causing you timemoney, and a ton of frustration. I get that.

On the other hand, maybe you are exactly where I was a decade ago, just starting out & fervently hunting down everything you can find on YouTube, trading related websites or even on books.

The only way to know if any of these methods worked, is to trade it and test it with your own money. And the funny thing is, whenever you tested the ideas on a demo account, it worked.

Strangely, once you went live, everything turn south. You start to conspire that the market has a personal vendetta against you.

You Must Avoid These Mistakes At All Cost......

#1: Using Tons Of Common Indicators To Trigger Your Trade

You must have come across MACD, RSI, Stochastic or even Moving Averages. These are the most common technical indicators ANY TRADER would search for and use in their trades.

The problem is, you must have encountered countless times where a combination of these indicators gave you a conflicting signal. And on those rare times that it finally pointed to a "ALL GO", YOU LOST MONEY.

The truth is: common indicators and the "textbook way" of using it will cause you to lose consistently.

#2: Using News To Make Your Trades

Bad news = Short trade  and   Good news = Long trade

How did this turn out for you? Bad experience maybe?

While common indicators doesn't work, maybe you would have thought following news is the most "logical" way to trade.

The truth is, the market doesn't work on logic.

There are always instances where you hear a devastating news such as "Unemployment Numbers Hit Record Highs!" and the market seems to just shrug it off. Worse still, it rallied to new high!

You must be baffled by this phenomenon, half guessing the market might be operating out of emotions. And you got that right...

Market moves based on collective emotions of all the participants.

This effect is called "pricing in".

#3: Memorizing Chart & Candlestick Patterns

Indicators don't work, so does riding the news hoping to strike the next big thing. By now you must have realized that, like I did a decade ago.

A part of you want to move on to the next big thing that you discovered online, candlesticks & breakout patterns.

Bullish harami, dark cloud cover, double tweezer top, three white soldiers. Blah blah blah. To add to that list, throw in double top, head & shoulders, cup & handle...

Maybe you think that it will make the picture complete finally. But do they work? Maybe.

You definitely have experiences of it working some times, and failing other times. 

The truth is, common knowledge found freely on the internet are not meant to make a fortune for anyone, IF you are not using it in the right context.

Else, everyone will be making their fortunes trading the markets for a living. Isn't it? So what works?

The "TPB Swing" Masterclass

Now, you must be thinking what the TPB Swing Masterclass is. The masterclass side-steps all the fluff that you have been exposed to everywhere else, by showing you how to trade with a properly back-tested strategyone that has gained more than 100% with a 71.1% win rate!

The TPB Swing Masterclass is also an online course filled with 5.5 hours of specially curated bite-sized lessons which you can learn at your own pace, and have access to it forever, 24/7. All these, designed to save you time and help you make money consistently from trading the markets.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

As a member of the Swim Trading community, you begin your way to trading profitably right after you sign up. You will have access to the masterclass immediately, and access to support (questions & trade calls) in the student-only discussion group.

All you need to invest, is 5.5 hours of your time to complete the course and you will know how you can trade profitably with a tested & proven system.

Make Money With +167% Return Strategy

The strategy outlined in the TPB Swing Masterclass is one that is proven with the entry, stop-loss & target profit rules that will give you this out-sized returns!

It is formulated to swing & ride strong trend with a low number of trades so you can save on transaction costs & spend lesser time on trading.

Start Trading Profitably With A 71.11% Win-Rate
Automated Trading Plan Tool

Not a numbers person? Afraid of not knowing how to apply the rules or calculate the entry/exit prices?

A semi-automated trading plan tool will be made available to you as a companion resource of the masterclass.

All you need to do is to follow the step-by-step in the lessons to know your entry, stop-loss, target profit & position size.

Private Graduates Support Group

The worst thing you can do to your trading career, even though it may be a side-line, is to trade alone without support.

This is why you need a dedicated support group where you can seek help from coaches and experienced traders in the group to help you with your questions. And you will  get 24/7 access to this group.

You are not going at this alone, never.

Don't Take My Word For It, Hear It From The Students......

Now that you know what you are going to get with the TPB Swing Masterclass, also hear it from the people who have attended the program and made a difference for themselves...

Peter Teo


Recouped my course fees and made 23% returns...

Click to enlarge.

Ben Tay

Business Owner

Made 33% return in my first year trading US market...

Click to enlarge.

Daryl Cheong

Financial Consultant

After losing sizable amount before, I finally made my first profitable trade again...

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Here's A Break Down Of What You Will Get...

The entire masterclass will be broken down into 7 modules, with each further broken down into bite-sized lessons totaling 5.5 hours so that you will never get overwhelmed.


Module 1: Secrets of The Stock Market

This is where you get familiar with the USA's stock market, so that you know exactly which index to track, and which stocks to choose out of the 6800+ listed companies.

Here are some of the things you will discover:
  • How to differentiate between the various indices - so that you can track the most important one.
  • How to take action on the market movement - so that you can profit from both up and down direction.
  • How to identify unusual market volatility - so that you can avoid being a victim of the hidden cost of trading.


Module 2: Practitioner Framework To Technical Analysis

This is where you learn the core of technical analysis without the fluff, so that you are not confused by the numerous technical analysis tools out there; and be able to utilize simple tools to achieve effective outcome.

Here are some of the things you will discover:
  • How to use technical analysis effectively - so that you don't get conflicting signals from various tools.
  • How to determine the relative price of a stock - so that you know which are the price levels considered to be "cheap" to buy.
  • How to project the turning points in any market you trade - so that you are able to plan your buy & sell actions in advance and avoid an unwanted scenario.
  • How to tell the hidden market levels - so that you know the key levels that professionals are also looking at.


Module 3: Building Your Powerful Watchlist

You will use a streamlined approach to break down the entire US market so that you can find the leaders in each segment of the economy. With the leading companies in your "team", you have a greater chance of profiting from their strong moves.

Here are some of the things you will discover:
  • How to use the top-down approach - so that you can break down the entire US market systematically.
  • How to trade at different economical levels - so that you will open yourself to more trading opportunities.
  • How to form your own powerful team of stocks - so that you will always be trading with a higher win probability.


Module 4: The TPB Swing Strategy

Here is where you make use of what you have learnt and synthesize it into the “main course”.

You will learn how to make use of the proprietary indicator Swim Trading – ValueZone™ & Swim Trading – StrengthMeter™ to identify optimal price zones to enter your trades.

Best of all, these proprietary indicator is made available to you for lifetime, at no extra cost to you.

Here are some of the things you will discover:
  • How to read the proprietary ValueZone™ indicator and decide on your entry – so that you know what is considered a great price for entry.
  • How to determine the exact entry price - so that you will not get a false movement.
  • How to use the proprietary StrengthMeter™ indicator to quantify the strength of the stock - so that you never need to second guess yourself.
  • 2 styles of swing trading; 1 targeted for the short term, the other targeted for the longer term - so that you are well equipped to trade varying time frames even if you got a hectic lifestyle.
  • How to set your stop-loss properly - so that you no longer get stop hunted unnecessarily.
  • How to go both Long & Short using the TPB swing strategy - so that you can trade both bear and bull markets.
  • How to translate the entry and exit rules to a trading plan template - so that you can follow the plan when executing your trade.


Module 5: Secrets To Money Management

Besides knowing how to take the trade, you will know how to size your trades properly, so that you do not expose yourself to too much risk. There is no victory in having 1 trade busting your whole trading account.

Here are some of the things you will discover:
  • How to calculate the size your trades - so that your trading capital is well protected.
  • How to choose the right stop loss budget that is in proportion with your account size - so that your losses are firmly within expectations.


Module 6: Effective Fundamental Analysis

You will learn how to perform a fundamental check of any company, to be able to know whether a company is considered to be good before execute your trade. Best of all, you can complete this in under 10mins!

Here are some of the things you will discover:
  • How to find the important metrics to measure a company - so that you don't have to spend hours scouring through every metric.
  • How to use the FA Checklist to know if a company is good within 10 minutes - so that you can spend the time on making money instead.
  • How to include Fundamental Analysis into your trading process flow as part of your trade plan - so that you leave no stones unturned.


Module 7: Plan 2 Action

In the final module, you take your final step towards graduation from the masterclass. You will also enhance your trading plan here before final execution of the order based on the TPB Swing Strategy.

Here are some of the things you will discover:
  • How to enhance your trading plan - so that you avoid getting blindsided by the elements you may have overlooked.
  • How to translate your trading plan over to your trading platform - so that you will profit from the market using The TPB Swing strategy.


And It's Not All......

You will get these extras bonuses to help make you a better and more efficient trader. Most importantly it saves you precious time that you can spend it with your family instead.

Bonus 1
Weekly Trade Alerts

(Worth $697 / year)

Knowing how to trade, but not knowing what to trade can be a real bummer.

This is why you gain access to this insider's list of stocks pick every week.

This will help you zoom into the stocks that are about to make a move, saving you all the time & trouble searching for them.

Bonus 2
Community Telegram Channel

(Worth $97 / year)

Afraid of missing out on latest updates on the market? Or on the trade calls that are happening?

This is why you will also get access to a community telegram channel where you will get updated first hand on the latest developments in the market. You will also get weekly articles to continue your education too.

Bonus 3
Student's Only Webinar

(Worth $397 / year)

Now, you will also get access to ad hoc booster sessions at regular interval. You can watch it live, or the replay at the comfort of your home.

In each of the webinar, you will get in-depth market updates & detailed trade calls.

You can also get your questions answered live!

About The Course Instructor,
Jay Tun

Jay Tun is an independent trader based in Singapore for the last decade. He has never been in full-time employment immediately after college and trades the financial markets for a living.

He has been invited to speak at major conferences and seminars across Asia - Invest Fair (SG), Traders Fair (SG), Online Trading Summit (Traderwave), Tradersfest (TradingWithRayner), InvestingNote (SG & MY) and Share Investor (SG).

He also has the privilege of training the clients of reputable brokers across the region - City Index, CMC Markets, CGS-CIMB, Samtrade FX and IG.

In his free time, he loves to unwind through endurance sport.

Here’s what professionals are saying about the course instructor

Gary Yang

Institutional Trader

Not many can actually trade; far less traders can actually train or coach.

Trading is difficult, but learning about it can be much easier if you are coached by a trader who can train effectively.


Other than good knowledge in the respective discipline, a good coach requires skill and talent to influence, lead and guide others to make real sustainable breakthroughs.

A good coach and practitioner (trading) like Jay, can help you achieve your dream to become a profitable trader, faster and less painful by avoiding the mistakes he made starting out.

Alex Yeo

Dr. Wealth

Jay really knows his stuff and can really trade - a trader first, educator second.

He is also one of the very few traders that I known who dares to show his trading track records to the public.

Most of the trading knowledge and skills that he is imparting are not standard "textbook" materials and you won't find them in books.

And that's how he makes money from the stock market.

Edward Chan


If you are looking for a legit trader to teach you the secrets of profitable trading, look no further.

I am from the finance brokering industry and I meet all kinds of trainers to partner with them on investment education.

Alot that I saw are great sales person, but Jay whom I have known for nearly 10 years, is a legit trainer/trader who is really out to educate and equip people with the real skills of profitable investment/trading.

Solid and reliable trainers are hard to find these days, and if I were you I will definitely want to find out more about Jay.

Is The Masterclass Worth Your Investment?

This Program is NOT for you IF…

  • You aren’t willing to change your idea. If you resist new advice, how can I help you?
  • Think you can spend $300 on the training as a sort of Hail Mary effort to get rich fast
  • You are new to trading and want to make $500,000 by the time the program is over. Get-rich-quick schemers, please leave

This Program is RIGHT for you IF…

  • Want to learn how to trade profitably, which is a recession proof skill — which can feed you and your family
  • You’re emotionally stable enough to weather the “ups and downs” of becoming a trader with the help of a whole community of like-minded traders
  • You want a proven step-by-step framework on how to become a consistently profitable trader — using a tested & proven strategy

You can make ONE of the three choices you have now:

Choice #1:

You can decide that trading is too risky and give this a miss – and you won’t lose a single cent.

And, you will miss out an opportunity to build the lifestyle and financial independence that most people can only dream of.

And you might always live with regret, wondering how your life could have been only if you had given this a shot.

Can you put a value to regret?

Choice #2:

You might also be thinking why pay for information that is “freely available” on the internet….

Sure, you will be able to go through the same trading books as I did, and attend all the courses that I had in order to create the same strategy.

But here is the thing, it took me almost a decade to filter out all this information and piece the necessary things together to create this masterclass.

Would you give up 10 years of your life, just so you can save this meager sum of money in comparison?

Choice #3:

Or, you can join my masterclass, and start learning how to use a tested and proven strategy that gives you a >70% win rate.

This saves you all the time and money, to ensure you start out in the right direction with a solid foundation.

After all, time is the single most precious commodity that we all have, isn't it?

The best part of all?

While most students pay more than US$2000 to attend our live classes, you can join the community and learn the winning strategy for only A FRACTION of that cost. TODAY!

TPB Swing masterclass

S$ 1097

  • Lifetime Access
  • Start Immediately
  • Instant Access to All Modules
  • Full Access to Learning Resources
  • Ad Hoc Webinar
  • Weekly Stock Picks
  • Telegram Channel
  • Graduates Exclusive Support Group

Course Enrollment Ends In


Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about the TPB Swing Masterclass

Peter Teo


Course Fees Fully Paid For...

Sara Soon


Quality Content......

Pauline Tan


I don't think I could learn half of what you taught me from anywhere else!

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What Markets Can I Apply This Strategy To?

What Are The Payment Modes?

Is The Course Suitable For Me If I Have No Experience?

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Is There Any Subscriptions For Proprietary Resources?

TPB Swing masterclass

S$ 1097

  • Lifetime Access
  • Start Immediately
  • Instant Access to All Modules
  • Full Access to Learning Resources
  • Ad Hoc Webinar
  • Weekly Stock Picks
  • Telegram Channel
  • Graduates Exclusive Support Group

Thank you for being here!

Trading is a tough business and made even tougher by fake gurus and false information found widely available on the internet. I was in the exact same situation as you probably are now a decade ago, feeling lost and wondering if trading would work out at all.

Relying on statistics and trading with a rule-based strategy is the exact way I became consistently profitable. This is why I want you to avoid the same pain I did and get the result you always wanted!

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