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I started trading a decade ago......

Probably like many of the traders whom are attracted to trading, I was lured into the world of trading with the promise of freedom and unlimited potential earnings!

I scoured through the tons of information online and came across the same terms you did.

Price ActionMarket StructureCandlestick PatternsChart PatternsTechnical AnalysisFundamental Analysis... You know, the usual stuff that you come across too.

What was frustrating, was the fact that these free trading courses were very limited. And if I wanted more advanced concepts, it's always hiding behind a paywall !

As a student, I was quite appalled by this because I didn't have thousands of dollars to spend on these trading courses. And, I didn't even know if what I am paying for will work.

And this is why I started SwimTrading .com with the vision to rid of all the fluff found on the internet, and bring to you what is effective from my decade-long experience in trading.

Here at, the articles and information you will get will never be hidden behind a paywall.  

You can even access my free trading courses as a member!

So, what's the catch?


All I want is to create VALUE for you.

If you think that the free content creates VALUE for you, who knows you might even sign up for my premium programs.

If you believe the first step for any trader to be consistently profitable is EDUCATION, then you are in the right place.

Let me introduce myself......

My name is Jay Tun, an independent trader and the founder of Swim Trading.

You will never see pictures showcasing my flamboyant lifestyle with super-cars or beach-front house because that doesn't help you to become a better trader.

If you find me familiar, you might have caught me at at one of the trading conferences or seminars across Asia. Since 2017, regional brokers & investment platforms have been engaging me to educate their clients too.

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Here are what some of the traders are saying......

Not many can actually trade, far less traders can actually train or coach.

Trading is difficult, but learning about it can be much easier, if you are coached by a trader that can train effectively. Other than good knowledge in the respective discipline, a good coach requires skill and talent to influence, lead and guide others to make real sustainable breakthroughs. A good coach and practitioner (trading) like Jay, can help you achieve your dream to become a profitable trader, faster and less painful by avoiding the mistakes he made starting out.

Gary Yang  //  Institutional Trader // Founder of Evidence-Based Forex

A true trader who is unafraid to share the reality of trading to aspiring and experienced traders.

He is willing to share his trades and I get advisory and guidance to become a better trader, even with my day job. What I really like about is how it strives to give an accurate perspective of trading and scaffolding to make anyone a trader in their own right. Save your time and look no further.

M.H. Chua  // Educator

It’s best to learn from someone who practices what they preach and has results to show for it.

Jay is a great example – everything that he teaches, he has personally learnt from trial and error and has developed programmes to help others benefit. He not only has the substance, but also the heart to be invested in the growth of his students and their trading journey. It’s rare for a trader of his caliber who’s willing to take the time and effort to impart his knowledge and experience to others. With Jay, you’ll learn how to understand the market on a deeper level and make better trading decisions that can put you on a fast track to where you want to be.

Daphne tan  // CMC Markets

Being an experienced trader and trainer, Jay’s insights on the financial market are undoubtedly one of the best.

His trading methodologies are easy to comprehend and follow. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme and I highly recommend Jay’s masterclass to those who want to excel on their financial journey!

Ray tan  //  Independent Trader

Jay really knows his stuff and can really trade - a trader first, educator second.

He is also one of the very few traders that I known who dare to show his trading track records to the public. Most of the trading knowledge and skills that he is imparting are not standard "textbook" materials and you won't find them in books. And that's how he makes money from the stock market.

Alex yeo  //  Co-Founder // Dr. Wealth

All You Have To Do......


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